Dental Cleaning

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All About Dental Cleanings at East Peak Dental

A dental cleaning, often referred to as adult prophylaxis, is a critical component of maintaining excellent oral health. It goes beyond your daily brushing and flossing routine, offering a deeper clean and preventive care to address issues before they escalate.

The Cleaning Process:

  1. Initial Exam: Our dental team begins with an examination of your teeth and gums, checking for signs of inflammation, infection, or other concerns. They'll also discuss your current brushing and flossing habits.
  2. Plaque and Tartar Removal: This is the core of the cleaning. Using ultrasonic scalers or manual instruments, our hygienists meticulously remove plaque (soft, sticky film) and tartar (hardened plaque) from the surfaces of your teeth, both above and below the gum line.
  3. Flossing: Even the most dedicated flosser can miss some areas. Our hygienists employ professional flossing techniques to access those hard-to-reach spots and remove any remaining plaque or debris.
  4. Polishing: After the thorough cleaning, your teeth are polished using a gritty paste to eliminate surface stains, leaving them smooth and shiny. This step also helps prevent future plaque buildup.
  5. Fluoride Treatment: Depending on your specific needs, a fluoride varnish may be applied to enhance your tooth enamel's strength and reduce the risk of cavities.
  6. Oral Hygiene Instruction: Our hygienists provide personalized guidance on brushing, flossing, and other oral care practices to help you maintain excellent oral health at home.

Benefits of Regular Cleanings:

  • Prevent cavities and gum disease: By removing plaque and tartar before they harden, cleanings help prevent cavities and gum infections, which can lead to tooth loss and other health complications.
  • Fresher breath: Cleanings eliminate bacteria responsible for bad breath, leaving your mouth feeling and smelling fresh.
  • Improved overall health: Studies have shown that good oral health contributes to overall well-being, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other chronic conditions.
  • Early detection of problems: During the cleaning, our dental team can identify potential issues at an early stage, allowing for prompt treatment and better outcomes.


The recommended frequency of dental cleanings may vary based on your individual risk factors and oral health condition. Typically, most adults benefit from professional cleanings every six months, although some may require them more or less frequently. Our dentists will provide guidance on the ideal schedule for your unique needs.

Ready to maintain your optimal oral health? Schedule your dental cleaning appointment with East Peak Dental, your trusted South Lake Tahoe dentist. Discover how our comprehensive cleanings and preventive care can keep your smile bright and healthy.